This is Normal

Luis Walker
6 min readJan 26, 2021


The fat skunk boarded the bus, clad only in a massive diaper that gave it a waddling gait even more pronounced than its weight alone would give it. A few people looked up to see whose steps were rocking the bus, but their eyes soon returned to their phones, uninterested.

After all, the skunk’s diaper had ‘THIS IS NORMAL’ markered onto it in large block letters.

Of course it was normal — there was no denying that — but something at the back of my mind told me that even if it was normal, it wasn’t something you saw every day.

In fact, I wasn’t sure it was something I’d ever seen before at all.

The bus was standing room only, and the skunk took a place standing right in front of me, holding one of the support poles with its left hand.

My face was level with its diaper, and the smell of the piss that had yellowed its front floated into my nostrils.

Perfectly normal piss.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to manage the boner that was only the natural result of seeing one of my fetishes in the wild, no matter how normal it was.

But seventeen inches of otter cock were neither easily suppressed nor easy to hide as they grew past my waistband and made a visible outline under my shirt.

A bear sitting beside me noticed my ridiculous bulge and left his seat, sneering.

I looked up at the skunk, trying to catch its attention, but a fringe of fur covered its eyes and it was hard to see where it was looking. The thought flickered across my mind that the skunk was cute, but that was silly; it just looked normal, after all. But that big hog-like snout, that grin — it was certainly my type, at least.

That grin. Oh. It was looking at me. I crossed my arms, trying to obscure the ridge of cock and stain of precum at my chest, but the skunk only reached down and stroked under my chin, still grinning.

“You want to take a sniff, don’t you?” it said.

I’d never felt more grateful that this was a normal courtesy for it to offer.

“Thank you,” I said, nuzzling my face under the skunk’s belly and into the front of its diaper, inhaling deeply the sweet scent of plastic and padding and piss. “So much.” An overwhelming sense of wholeness filled me, as if everything now was just as it was supposed to be.

The skunk chuckled, reaching a paw down to stroke through my headfur. “My pleasure,” it said, and I could tell it really meant it — it was only natural that my enjoyment of it would be enjoyable to it as well.

My seatmates weren’t looking at me funny anymore, not like they had been before I buried my face in the fat skunk’s diaper, so I went on doing what felt natural: I pulled down the front of that padding to expose its cock, a small nub almost fully buried in its fat and fully drenched in piss.

Just as it should be.

A part of me wished the skunk would do something really kinky. Something to make the prudes gasp and the pervs jealous. Instead, as I sat there jerking my giant cock, my muzzle buried in its crotch and eagerly slurping its pungent dick, all it did was look down at me and ask “Want a drink, too?” A common courtesy!

I swear, it was a curse being as kinky as me. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever actually done it before, but drinking piss from a diapered skunk’s cock in a public place was vanilla. It was barely even sex! Oh well.

My cock splattered blasts of pre everywhere as I jerked it, sitting below the tubby skunk’s belly with my mouth open, ready for the flow of piss from its tiny cock. Normal as a handshake.

When the first spray splashed across my tongue, my own cock went off in long, hose-like splurts of cum that hit the underside of the skunk’s belly and flowed down into its padding.

I gulped down mouthful after mouthful of piss, all the while wishing deep down that I could get the skunk away for some private time and push some limits. What if the guy wasn’t into piss or anything kinky at all? That’d be embarrassing. I focused on filling my belly from its cock, moving in to suckle on it hungrily as the stream came to an end.

It let out a deep ‘mmm’ as my tongue slid into the tunnel in its fatpad where its cock lived and started slurping out piss-soaked inches of cock that must’ve been buried for ages. The stink of it was a refreshing comfort, something that told me I was right where it was normal for me to be.

And yet the skunk pulled back to look down at me again — or more likely, my still-hard almost–foot-and-a-half cock. “Mind if I take a seat, buddy?”

“Of course not!” It was only natural for such a big fellah to want to sit down after standing so long, after all. I leaned back in my seat, let my cock slip out from under my shirt, and held it forward for the skunk. It pulled its soggy diaperfront back up before turning its back to me and pulling the back of its padding down, showing off its enormous black-furred rump.

And again I felt that quiet sense of rightness, of normalcy, as it pressed its ass against my cock and letting my thick cockhead part its cheeks.

It was only natural for someone to take a seat on my cock when the bus was full, after all…even if it hadn’t really happened to me before.

It was perfectly normal for the skunk’s ass to stretch around my monstrous cock like it was nothing…even if I was more used to people needing a lot of lube and foreplay to even get the head in, and we’d barely even done anything horny yet.

It was an everyday thing for the skunk to easily hilt the whole of my cock as it put its full weight on me, its rump landing in my lap…even though that was not actually a thing that personally happened to me any day.

The skunk’s various inner muscles flexed around my length as it got comfortable. “Thank you.”

“Think nothing of it,” I said, leaning forward into its back and embracing it, paws stroking down the side of its belly. “Nothin’ anyone else here wouldn’t do.”

It chuckled and leaned back, crushing my face into the flab of its back rolls as it started to grind back and forth, milking my cock with its ass as it rubbed its diaperfront.

I shut my eyes, breathing in the mildly skunky scent of its fur, my mind wandering as my body was casually used. I imagined being brave enough to ask if the skunk wanted to fool around — if it might be into me. As its perfectly normal monstrous ass manipulated me to climax over and over, drinking in load after load of my cum and making its belly round out with the full load, I continued in my fantasy of taking it home, watching it change out of its diaper, lie on my bed, and invite me to show it how much further than ‘normal’ we could go.

The skunk took a series of deep breaths interspersed with grunting ‘oink’s as it continued to paw at its diaper, and its insides convulsed around me as it brought itself to its release, unloading into its already overfull diaper.

It recovered its breath and pulled away from me, its fur now a sweaty mess. As it stood up, its loosened ass splurted a stream of messy cum all over me before it managed to cinch up its diaper, covering its ass just in time to bear down in earnest, the diaper bulging out with the mix of the seed I’d filled it with and the filth it had inside already.

I focused on the sight as the mess leaked out and down its legs. The back of its diaper also had “THIS IS NORMAL” on it, in larger letters than the front.

I let out a deep sigh, wishing it weren’t.

The skunk wandered off towards the front of the bus as it came to a stop. I focused on stuffing my spent cock back into my shorts and wringing the wet mess out of my shirt, and it wasn’t till I felt presentable that I realized that it was my stop the skunk had gotten off at, and I’d missed it altogether.

I scrambled off the bus the next block down and ran back, but the skunk was gone. I felt bad about the missed opportunity, but also a little encouraged. Maybe I wouldn’t see the skunk again anytime soon, but I could easily find someone just as good.

This was normal, after all.

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