The Gamertube

Luis Walker
8 min readJul 30, 2023
Title card: A chubby goat playing videogames in a dark room, beside the story name and details: “The Gamertube. Features: piss, scat. Content: male/male.”

“Angus, what is that?”

Thormund had caught me more or less literally with my pants down, my new toy fully applied to my crotch.

“It’s a gamertube, man. Portable toilet for those long sessions, you know? Less humiliating than a diaper,” I said pointedly, smirking as the musclechub bull blushed in remembrance of The Incident.

He looked up and down the length of it skeptically. “Uh…is that safe?”

“Totally,” I said. “We can even share, if you like. It’s got plenty of capacity.”

I lifted the length of it to show him. It was a thick tube, with a shimmery brown-and-green exterior that made you think of snakeskin. I’d picked up a little harness to secure it in place on my dick, but it wouldn’t be too hard to remove if he wanted to use it.

“I’ll, uh, think about it. You’re wearing that tonight?”

“Don’t see why not. It’s just you and me, and it ain’t nothin’ you ain’t seen already.”

It was already getting dark by the time the bull finished enough of his coursework to join me in the game room for the night.

“You’re, uh, goin’ full in on that, aren’t ya?”

I’d given the gamertube a couple bladderloads in the intervening time, but it wasn’t like you’d notice. I ignored him and leaned back in my chair, making sure the whole apparatus was fully shown off as I focused on my match.

Thormund sighed, grabbed his controller, and logged in at his own desk beside mine.

I slid him an energy drink. I figured he’d come around to it soon.

“I can’t believe these guys,” he said, growling as he failed out of a match. “Pass the tube, will ya?”

“Won you over, did I?”

“No, but I’ve gotta piss and it’s right there, ain’t it? C’mon, only a minute till the next match starts.”

I smirked and undid the tube from its harness, handing it over to Thormund, who looked at it and shrugged while he undid his pants with his free hand. (I’m so jealous of his dick — how thick it is! — but he wasn’t really into me these days. We’d jerk off together sometimes but that’s as far as it usually went.)

The bull shoved his meat into the mouth of the tube, visibly stretching it. (Such jealousy.) With a yelp he noticed the next round’s countdown reaching zero, and he grabbed his controller again to focus on the screen, gamertube squeezed between his thighs. “Feels really good, actually. Lemme guess, you jerk off with it too?”


He smirked, then let out a deep sigh as his piss started to flow. The tube did its job; not a drop escaped around the snug fit between its opening and Thormund’s cock as the bull focused on his game.

He didn’t win, but he hadn’t been winning much anyway.

I snuck an opportunity during a long round to grab the tube back, with a loud schlorp as it released Thormund’s member.


“Didn’t say you could hog it, buddy. You ain’t the only one with a bladder around here.”

I secured it back to my crotch harness, feeding my junk back in and releasing a full load immediately. I tried not to get hard as I thought about how much of Thormund’s piss I was adding to, how much heavier the tube was since I let him use it, how slick and wet it was…

So much for not gettin’ hard, I thought. I tossed my controller on the desk and leaned back in my chair, lifting the tube and grabbing it in both hands to start jerking off with it.

The tube was made for this sort of thing, of course; it only spilled back a little piss back over my crotch, but that made for good enough lube to hump into it.

Thormund was so focused on his match that it took a minute to notice, but when he did — “Sweet Anubis, Angus!”

“What?” I said, not even pretending to be innocent as I pounded the tube. “Nothing I wouldn’t be doing in the bathroom, right?”

“With our toilet?” The bull spluttered, then softened. “Fair enough, no kinkshame.”

Visibly breaking it in seemed to help; Thormund took the opportunity to milk out a load of his own next time he had it. He was a lot more discreet about it, to be sure, but I got through three matches while he had his controller down, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out what he was doing. I didn’t say anything about it — I wanted him to feel comfortable, and the more comfortable the better.

I knew what I was hoping would happen.

And a little while later, not long after 1 a.m., when I was pounding down another energy drink because I was starting to flag, Thormund turned to me a bit shy, fidgeting in his seat.

I started pulling the tube out of its harness, but before I could finish, the bull asked, “Hey, um. You…you didn’t say it was a urinal, you said it was a toilet. Does that mean…”

His eartips blushed bright, and I couldn’t help but grin. There we go.

I reached down to unshackle the harness from around my waist. “You’ll probably want to use this to keep it in place,” I said. In addition to the setup to connect the tube to the front of it, the harness had a more interesting arrangement around back to hold the tube firmly in place — a guy might want a bit of leeway to hump in and out of it from the front, but when it comes to taking a dump most people really want that kind of thing to be secure. The tube was rather sloshy at this point, but probably had plenty of capacity left.

“Uh…okay.” He held the harness up in front of him and I helped him make sure the tube was fixed in place before he clicked it on. “It doesn’t feel like it’s…quite right?”

I reached back and pushed the tube till its opening was between the bull’s cheeks, and then just a little further for his hole to open up around it. “Better?”

He blushed even harder. It wasn’t the first time I’d stuffed something up his ass, but we hadn’t done anything like that in a while. “A little…? I still don’t think it’ll stay in place.”

“Just sit on it.”

Thormund frowned and straddled his chair, sliding the gamertube between his legs and along the length of the seat, and taking a seat on it, keeping it in place with his weight.

“There you go. Enjoy!”

The bull ignored me and leaned on his desk, grunting as he tried to unload, eyes closed as if to pretend I wasn’t there. I didn’t press him; I was too happy to see him having fun. Well, to see him having a dump, but you’ve probably guessed by now that that’s fun as far as I’m concerned. If this was as close as I ever got to filthy times with Thormund, it’d still be pretty hot.

I was surprised at how long he was at it. Certainly it should only be able to take so much at once. But that’s not where my imagination went. I thought about the big bull sitting in his chair, unloading turd after turd after turd for hours on end, the tube getting fuller and fuller, stretching out to frankly ridiculous proportions…

I jerked awake, nearly falling out of my chair, my cock rock solid even though I’d already blown a load tonight. And the sight in front of me was one I wanted to kick myself for dozing off to: Thormund was pawing off.

The scent of his masculinity, mixed with leftover piss from being in the tube earlier; the thickness of his shaft, wet with copious precum as he stroked himself slowly; the squeak of his chair as he ground his hips against it, stimulating himself on the tube in his ass — the spectacle was arresting.

He noticed my movement and said “Hey there, sleepygoat.” It came out with a bit of a gasp, and slowly and firmly he gave his cock three more strokes; I could tell he was getting close. “While I’m — doing stuff I don’t usually do — ” He milked a big drop of precum from his cockhead. “…don’t suppose you’d want this load?”

I was on my knees immediately, open mouth ready for the bull’s seed. The bulging gamertube still hung between his legs, and I would have loved to do my best impression of it for him — to latch on to the bull’s shaft and swallow down everything he had — but we’d established I’d need more explicit consent from him for that. So I only waited, bracing myself on his thighs. I tasted his scent as I watched him work himself — that warm, musky meat, the tang of his piss, the familiar aftersmell of his shit reminding me that the whole load that had been in his bowels was still right here in the tube in front of me.

I quivered with how close to orgasm I was already, even just a few moments after waking, jerking off between Thormund’s legs. I held tighter to the bull’s thigh to keep myself upright but was interrupted by his first shot, a monstrous blast of seed that coated the roof of my mouth and then fired up my nostril as he lost control of it.

The second shot was better aimed, pointed down to splat across my tongue, and I quickly gulped down what I could before the next salvo — when he grabbed hold of my muzzle and just let loose shot after shot with the productivity of the good breeding stock he was.

Being unable to take that dick in my mouth, I couldn’t keep up; Thormund’s seed was spilling out of my mouth and soaking my facefur in moments, but I didn’t care. There’s a joy in service sometimes that’s so great that your own climax hardly compares.

I sat back a little awkwardly into the space under his desk, smiling up at him as he recovered himself.

“I might need a round with the tube for cleanup,” I said.

Thormund smirked. “Me first.” He stood up and reached behind him, carefully extracting the end of the tube from his rump, doffing the whole harness assembly, and stuffing his cock in the end of it to wring his last drops of cum out.

Given the usage the tube had undergone for the past however-long-it-was in the bull’s ass, it was surprising how little mess it was covered in, unless perhaps its color pattern was just camouflaging it out. Thormund didn’t even act like he was handling anything particularly filthy when he handed it back to me.

It was a mess, to be sure; the mouth of the tube was noticeably slacker than it’d been at the beginning of the night, but though it’d gone through a lot of stretching, fortunately it didn’t seem to be torn anywhere.

I fastened the harness back around my waist and fed my cock back into the tube. It was so much heavier now, this tube hanging off my crotch full of our piss and shit and cum; definitely worth every favor I’d traded to have the use of it.

“Think we still have a couple hours left in us before we have to crash for the night?” Thormund said, picking up his controller again.

“Fine by me.” I looked down at the tube, stroking it slightly — not to milk myself, this time, just to encourage it a bit as it looked up at me with that look of dreamy contentment it’d been wearing most of the night — and then I returned to ignoring it, logging in for a new round. “We had another case of drinks left, didn’t we?”

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