It was just starting to snow when I got to the mall, just a few minutes before I was due to service one of the vending machines. Business had been unusually brisk this season, and the machines had all been in place for a few years now and were starting to show their age. I didn’t complain; it was sort of in my best interest to keep anyone from realizing it’d be cheaper to replace the machines than it would be to keep paying the repairman.

The machine in the mall was near the food court — at least, as near to the food court as the health code allowed — so it got a lot of foot traffic.

Curious folks.

Depressed folks.

Kinky fuckers.

At the end of a row of other machines selling gumballs, Pepsi, candy bars, and personal electronics, was the one I’d come to repair — no wares to offer, just a solid black front with a circular hole, “PAY 50 CENTS ABOVE” on a lit panel above it and “CUT YOUR DICK OFF HERE” on a darkened panel below it.

As I approached, a chubby panda was positioning a green plastic stepping stool in front of the machine. He stepped up on it to get his crotch at the correct level, and reached into a pocket to find the appropriate change.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to watch the machine and verify its operation.

The panda fed a couple of quarters into the machine, and the “PAY 50 CENTS ABOVE” panel darkened and the panel below lit up with “CUT OFF YOUR DICK HERE.” It took a clever eye to notice the word “OFF” was on the other side of “YOUR DICK” when the sign lit up; I had thought it was just an inconsistent translation, but apparently there had once been an animation planned — of “OFF” passing through “YOUR DICK” like a knife — that didn’t play too well with the focus groups.

He hurriedly undid his belt and released a hard three-inch cock, heedless of the random people walking by him. Why should he care if anyone saw his dick? He was just about to throw it away.

Indeed, no one else even seemed to notice as he pressed himself against the machine, compressing his belly enough to stick his rod into the hole. There was a shnick that echoed in the open space, followed by a much less prominent thunk as the panda’s severed cock fell into the dispenser slot.

The panda gave his crotch an experimental rub, almost getting lost in the pleasure of his new sweet spot before realizing he was masturbating in public. As he hurried to put his pants back on, the machine reset itself, once again requesting 50 cents.

And then the sweep bar engaged, sliding the panda’s severed cock away into the innards of the machine.

“Hey!” he yelped, banging on the machine as I rushed up to him. “Stupid thing ate my dick!”

“Safety measure,” I said. “A lot of folks who get their dicks cut off just want to leave them behind, so the machine’s designed to store and preserve them if they aren’t picked up. Can’t just have a bunch of random body parts lying around, especially not this close to the food court — ”

The panda was looking up at me, the strange lion that’d just accosted him, looming two or three feet above him in overalls and toolbelt. “Excuse me?”

“Sorry. I’m Dardan, the maintenance guy. It’s supposed to wait at least five minutes before it sweeps the discard; that’s actually what I’m here to fix. Uh, if you don’t mind waiting a minute or two I can probably recover your dick for you.”

“I’d appreciate that,” he said. “I’m Keith.” He extended his paw to meet my offered handshake, but immediately withdrew it as he realized where it’d just been.

“No worries, Keith. If I may?”

The panda stepped aside, and I kicked the stepping stool out of the way so I could unlock the front of the machine.

The instant I turned the key I felt the weight inside trying to push it open, but my reflexes weren’t fast enough to stop opening the door. “Fuck!”

A landslide of cocks spilled out onto the floor — the machine had clearly been malfunctioning for a while before anyone had thought to report it.

There must have been hundreds of them, in all shapes and colors and in every size that could fit in the machine’s slot. Most of them had landed in a pile around my feet, but many were rolling across the corridor, obstructing foot traffic.

“Sorry dude, I’m gonna have to clean up this mess. Can you watch this for a second?”

I left Keith guarding the discarded cocks while I ran to the nearest shop to grab a couple of bags big enough to collect everything, and soon he was helping me scoop them all up.

“We’ll have to sort yours out in the van. We can’t really hang out here with them,” I said. “C’mon.”

The panda followed me out to my van in the heavy snowfall, each of us carrying a big Abercrombie & Fitch bag full of cut-off penises.

“What usually happens with these, anyway?”

“Eh, nothing really. I mean, the company doesn’t collect them or anything… There aren’t really supposed to be this many in the first place. Usually I just toss them.”

“You never play with them?”

“Well…” I set down my bag of dicks to unlock the rear door of the van. “Not usually. It’s like, if it wasn’t good enough for them, maybe I shouldn’t want it either. Though I’ll admit, there’ve been a few fun or impressive examples I’ve held on to for a bit. They, uh, wear out quickly though.”

Keith climbed into the van with me and started rummaging through the assorted cocks in search of his own.

He pulled out a foot-and-a-half horse cock and gave it a sniff, before holding it in both hands and gazing at it longingly. “If it were me I’d…I’d get one of those molds to clone ’em…”

I laughed. “Yeah, but at that point you may as well buy a dildo, right?”

The panda sighed. “I guess you’re right.” He picked up the cock again, brought it to his muzzle, and gave it an experimental lick.

And stopped short when he realized I was watching him.

“Uh, sorry, I just — ”

“Don’t worry about it, dude. I do the same thing.” To reassure him, I pulled a smaller dick out of the bag I had in front of me and popped it into my mouth whole. “They can be pretty comforting to suckle on.”

The blush that lit up on his face only brightened further when I added: “You know, if you’d rather practice on a live one…”

He tossed the horse cock back in the bag immediately and leaned closer, reaching under my gut to undo the button and pull down the zipper on my pants. “I want — I don’t usually — ”

My thick shaft was in his muzzle before he could get a sentence out, but I knew what he was asking. “A lot hornier than usual? A lot of guys feel the same after getting it chopped off. It’s like super chastity for making you focus on other men’s cocks. And I’m sure it doesn’t help being in an enclosed space breathing in the musk of a hundred or so dicks…”

Keith was squirming to get out of his pants as he sucked me off, tongue working hungrily over my barbs. I stroked behind his ears as he started furiously rubbing the patch above his balls where his dick used to be, making a soft slapping sound that got wetter and wetter as his paw was drenched in the pre leaking from the tiny hole that remained under his pubic fur.

I reached into the bag beside me and pulled out a slender canine shaft — its end still bulbous from where its owner had knotted the machine — and reached over Keith to tease his rump with it, sliding the tip along the cleft of his cheeks till he was grinding back against it, desperate to fill his hole.

“Please,” he begged, releasing my cock from his muzzle. “I want to feel that in me…”

I smirked and tossed it back in the bag. “When you’re alone, dude. For now, ride the one you’re not taking home with you.”

He returned his attention to my cock, getting it fully slick with his saliva before turning around and backing his round rump up against it. I put a paw on his back, pressed my cockhead against his hole, and slowly sank in.

Keith squealed out a pain full of need, pushing his hips back for more, and I was soon hilted inside him, feeling the wetness of his precum-coated thighs against mine.

As I started thrusting into him, he reached out for one of the bags, burying his face in the collected cocks and drinking in their scent with every gasp of breath.

The van rocked slightly under us as I pounded his ass, so I slowed down my thrusts and returned to slowly pulling out and grinding in deep against those tight inner walls. I reached under his belly as he whimpered out for more and wrapped a paw around his balls, giving them a tug that made him cry out and slam his hips back against me.

“Oh fuck,” he said, as I kneaded what remained of his genitals, making his hole pulse around my cock in a way that made me throb hard in response. “Oh…fuck!”

He pulled his head from the bag of cocks and reached in, pulling out a stiff three-inch member. “Found it…”

The longing look in his eyes that he’d given the horse cock returned, deepening into something like a trance as he held his own disembodied cock to his nose, breathing in its scent, suckling at its tip…

“I can’t feel it… It’s just a…a thing, now…”

His whole body shuddered as the realization brought him to climax, his tight hole milking my cock as his own cum gushed over his balls. I leaned over him and plucked his cock from his paw, whispering in his ear about how a good dickless bear like him didn’t need a silly little toy like that as I ground in deep and finished in his ass.

I tossed the lifeless member back in the other sack and pulled out of him, one last spurt of cum covering his hole as I did.

“Now, you won’t ask for that dick back again, will ya Keith? You’re just gonna be that good toy you fantasized about being when you stuck your dick in that machine. None of these castoffs will do it for you — you need the real thing. Isn’t that right?”

His whimper might almost have been read as protest if you didn’t notice his newly-vacated tailhole flexing with need.

“Wanna hear you say it, bear.”

“I — I’m a toy. I didn’t need that dick. I need…more…”

He was watching my softening cock with a hunger, like he wanted to swallow it again even though it’d just been up his ass.

“Don’t look at me, dude, I’m done with ya. Get yer clothes back on. March your ass right back into that mall, find you a nice restroom stall, and start takin’ some dick.”

As I watched him stumbling back through the parking lot cinching up his pants, I pulled his dick back out of the bag. Preserved at its full stiffness, three inches of panda cock. I know a guy or two who love to tease small dicks…

I reached down and released the trick that held my cock in place, hearing the wet thwack as it hit the bare metal floor of the van. In a moment, Keith’s cock was being pressed to the same spot the one I’d been using had been, and it melded to my body easily with a feeling of pins and needles as life flowed into it again.

Always nice to give the castoffs a new home.

I picked up the spilled bag of cocks, adding my old one to the pile, and headed off to my next job, precum soaking my boxers.

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