Making Memories

Luis Walker
9 min readJun 22, 2021

03:15 > Hey remember that time we went to the movies?

The lion’s message was waiting for me when my alarm went off that morning, and I looked at my phone in confusion. We hadn’t met IRL yet — though we’d been growing more intimate online, he lived far enough off that even a weekend stay wouldn’t make up for the long drive.

06:32 < No?
06:33 < Els did you mistype again

Given the time zones he should’ve been at work already, so I didn’t expect a response right away; I got myself out of bed and was throwing breakfast together by the time my phone buzzed again.

06:46 > No i meant you tiger
06:46 > Humor me
06:47 > The past isnt, like, real
06:47 > Its just something we agree on you know?
06:48 > And we rewrite memories every time we remember them
06:48 > If we wanna say it went differently
06:48 > Make different memories
06:48 > Just for us
06:49 > All we gotta do is decide it

By the time he’d stopped typing, I was halfway through my toast and packing lunch.

06:50 < Anything you say cutie

I sent a quick selfie along with my response: fat shirtless white tiger with bedhead, toast in my mouth like an anime girl. It wasn’t till I was just heading out the door that he sent back a “LION LOVE” sticker and:

06:59 > AAAAH no youre the cutie!
06:59 > So what movie was it?

I thought about it on the drive up. There was nothing wrong with a movie as a first date, really, but this was Elias, and if I got to write a first memory with him, well…I’d either want something really awesome, or something considerably more private so we could have real fun.

As my work computer booted up, I tried to lay out my thoughts. I realized it didn’t seem right to totally reject the framing of a movie date, but I figured I could ‘yes-and’ it a bit.

08:02 < It was a lot of movies. We decided the theater wasn’t a good idea and went back to your place. There was a whole series you wanted to show me, though we were probably paying more attention to each other, if you know what I mean. ;-)

My job was considerably more hectic than his; my phone started buzzing as soon as I logged into the phone, and I was taking calls non-stop till breaktime.

There was the nosebleed sticker I’d expected, and a pileup of messages waiting for me.

08:05 > On a first date? naughty boy 😼
08:06 > But i guess we wanted to make full use of our weekend together
08:08 > Fuuuuuck now im remembering you coming to the door
08:08 > So big and beautiful
09:30 > Fuck
09:30 > FUCK
09:31 > You showed up in one of those big monster diapers didnt you
09:32 > So hard just thinking about it

He’d added a surreptitious photo of his bulge under his desk. It wasn’t exactly the naughtiest of sights but it was good to know I could have such an effect on someone. I was too small to show much bulge myself but my dick was definitely throbbing as I wrote up my response.

10:17 < Yup. Wore it all day for you. It was a little awkward going through the airport, I was sure everyone was staring at how my pants bulged and every little rustle I thought ‘surely they can hear this across the terminal’. Every time I pissed I worried I was going to leak. Or that my seatmate would smell me or say something.
10:18 < I… you know I’ve never worn in public before
10:19 > Your first time was for me? fuck thats hot

I blushed deeply as I thought about the scenario, and what it’d mean if…if…

10:20 < Are…are we really doing this? Is this gonna be our past now?
10:21 > If you loved it, why not? 😼
10:22 > You told me you were so turned on you had to jerk off in the airplane bathroom
[Lustylion Els 🦁 is typing…]

I was glad my belly covered my crotch when I was sitting, because I could feel the dampness of precum spreading as I imagined — no, as I remembered that day, being so horny for my lion.

He didn’t finish typing his response before break ended. I went back to work, my arousal dissipating over the course of the morning as I suffered through angry customers calling about their account woes and my stomach started to grumble for food.

When my lunch ‘hour’ finally came around, I saw Elias had sent a picture message. The break room looked crowded, so I ducked into the restroom to take a look at it in private, hiding out in one of the stalls.

It wasn’t another photo of himself, like I thought it might be.

It was me, in one of my monster diapers, my paw down the front and my face clearly showing orgasm.

Sitting on an airplane toilet seat.

10:35 > this was the pic you sent me
10:36 > remember?

It wasn’t the best edit job, but convincing enough on the small screen of my phone. The selfie wasn’t one of my favorites, but I recognized it too; it was from —

I breathed in deeply. The past isn’t real. It’s just something we agree on.

It was from the first day I’d been out in diapers in public, when I got so horny I had to jerk off in an airplane bathroom.

1:35 < I remember! You made a joke about me joining the Mile High Club with that diaper. And you made sure that wasn’t the only cum load that went in it, either. ;-)
1:37 > FUCK i can’t wait to sink my cock in your ass again

‘Again.’ A shiver ran through me as the implications of the word sank in. I mean, if we’d spent — I scrolled back to check how long — if we’d spent a whole weekend together, then of course we’d fucked. I almost felt a little cheated — here we were deciding we’d already had our first time and all I was getting was this memory.

And then I remembered that by now all we’d have left of that time was memories anyway. Still…

1:39 < Huff. Our first fuck…
1:39 > YES
1:40 > I couldnt keep my paws off you
1:40 > From the moment I saw you
1:40 > I kissed you right there in the doorway, you tasted like fruit cups
1:41 < Airplane food ;-)

The stall next to me was occupied, so I was stroking myself as surreptitiously as I could as I tried to keep up with my lion’s stream of messages.

1:41 > I couldnt wrap my arms around you and that was so hot
1:41 > My BIG beautiful baby
1:42 > Ripping off our clothes as we rushed to bed
1:42 > Burying my face in our diaper
1:42 > *your
1:42 > You smelled
1:42 > SO
1:42 > FUCKING
1:42 > GOOD
1:42 > Ugh i want you in diapers forever
1:43 < You made me stay in them.
1:43 > You bet I did
1:43 > My baby doesnt have to get up for anything
1:43 > Not toilet
1:43 > Not food
1:43 > Not sex
1:43 < I begged to suck on your cock…
1:43 > Felt so good to feed my baby
1:44 > You were so hungry
1:44 > I dont usually cum that much
1:44 > But FUCK
1:45 > Grinding down your throat
1:45 > My face buried in your belly
1:45 > Making out withthat DEEP DEEP BELLYHOLE
1:45 < Ugh I’m gonna cum
1:46 > But i wasnt done with you
1:46 > I put a box of donuts on your chest
1:46 > So i could watch you stuff that gorgeous belly
1:46 > Hefted those beefy legs over ym shoulders
1:46 > Ground against your soaked soaked padding FUCK
1:46 > Slid my cock in under that fat tail
1:47 > Pounded that ass till my balls were dry

I tried to hide my climax with grunts of effort appropriate to where I was, but probably wasn’t convincing anyone.

But I didn’t care, did I? I’d jerked off in a restroom before.

Emboldened, I took a quick video of me licking the cum off my paw and sent it back to Elias, just as he was sharing his memory of filling my ass.

1:47 > LOVE
1:47 > YOU
1:47 > SO
1:47 > MUCH

The cumshot he sent back was almost as big as I remembered.

1:48 < Love you too, daddy.

I hesitated a moment, then started typing more:

1:50 < That was the first time I called you daddy. Not here, but then. There in your bed, being loved and cared for and fed and mounted and being your big chubby kitten. I called you daddy, and you were so happy. I mean, we both were
1:51 < Brb gotta wash up and get lunch… famished and not long before I have to get back on the floor.

“LION LOVE” sticker after “LION LOVE” sticker flooded the chat window as I stuffed my phone in my pocket, flushed the toilet I hadn’t used, and washed the last of the cum off my paws.

It wasn’t till my next break that I managed to get back to chat — I had to sit at an occupied table for lunch, and had to spend most of it in smalltalk.

1:52 > Yes, eat BIG for daddy!
1:52 > Fill that tubby belly now so you can fill those diapers later 😼
3:13 > Breaktime diaper check 😼

I blushed deeply at the last line. He knew I hadn’t worn diapers to work today. He knew I hadn’t ever worn in public at all —

The new memory reasserted itself, me in the airport terminal, trying to hide my diaper bulge with luggage and loose clothing. This is me now, I guess.

Still, even if I had worn in public before, he knew from the video I sent him that I hadn’t worn diapers to work today. Meaning…

3:16 < You started telling me to go to work in diapers.
3:16 > Every day since we met
3:16 > The monster ones of course
3:17 > And youve been so good about it
3:17 > Daddy’s big blushy baby
3:17 > Love you so much

And he sent me three more pics, quick edits of ones I’d sent in the past — me at my seat at work, with a frill of diaper peeking out under my shirt; me in a chair in the break room, my crotch expanded to suggest the massive diaper puffing it out; and a frame from the video I’d sent at lunchtime, my crotch very nicely padded as I licked the cum from my paw.

Well, fuck. If I had the diaper on at lunchtime…

My dick was stiffening in my pants again as I typed out my response.

3:17 < Sorry daddy, I had to take it off. Umm…it was leaking. And I didn’t bring more with me.
3:18 > Mmm my baby boy destroying those huge diapers
3:18 > So good but so naughty not bringing more.
3:18 > Punishment when you get home
3:18 > Just remember, no big boy potty for you 😼
3:19 < Yes daddy.
3:19 > And tomorrow we’ll make sure my baby boy is ready for daycare 😼


I shut my eyes at my desk and basked in the memories of our new lives. Me, wearing monster diapers to work every day… They’d certainly help — I mean, they certainly helped to soak up all the precum Els’s hot ideas would milk out of me over the course of a day. And since I didn’t remember any coworkers saying anything about them, clearly either they hadn’t noticed or they were just being polite… I’d still be worried about being noticed tomorrow, just as I must’ve been worried today, waddling around with the rustly padding spreading my legs apart…

My heart was thumping as I answered back.

3:20 < My daddy takes such good care of me.
3:20 < You… you did say you’d take me in if I get in trouble, right?
3:21 > I did
3:21 > Every time my baby’s scared
3:21 > I tell him I’ll take care of him
3:21 > And I will
3:21 > Otherwise what kind of daddy would I be?
3:21 < Thank you, daddy.
3:22 < And thank you for…for building this new life with me.

“LION LOVE” stickers.

3:22 > Thank you too son
3:23 > Already looking forward to tomorrow’s diaper checks
3:23 > And the details of our second date. 😼

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