Hog Anus

Luis Walker
8 min readOct 16, 2022


“You there, with the anus!”

I froze in place. How did they know? I was fully dressed! It should have been hidden!

I tried not to turn around, tried not to react. Maybe they meant someone else. Anuses are like opinions after all — everyone has one. Just not one like mine.

A tap at my shoulder. “Hey! You dropped something.”

I turned to find another boar, blue-furred with friendly eyes, holding up the plug I’d shoved in this morning. It looked huge and filthy in his hand, and stank of my ass — but the boar didn’t seem any more fazed by it than if I’d dropped my wallet instead.

I lost it without noticing? I thought. Fuck. Gonna have to go up a size.

“Oh, your hands are full. Let me help you get it back in.”

His free paw was at my waistband before I could protest, and as soon as my rump was exposed to the open air, the same magic that let a used butt plug pass as something unremarkable took its full hold on the poor boar. His eyes dulled as my anus’s desires normalized in his brain.

“Hog…anus…” he said, his initial friendliness developing into something like hunger. Given enough time, it would be a hunger indeed, but for now he was focused on his original quest to refill my hole.

I tried to pull my pants back up but his grip on them was firm; with heavy pressure the plug was crammed back into my greedy hog anus, not just to the point where it could rest on the rim of the toy, but fully engulfed, the other hog’s hand sinking deep into my hole.

Now, I was aware that for normal people — or at least, people with normal anuses — this would be a totally inappropriate scene for a public street. But somehow when it was me, nobody seemed to notice.

At least, nobody seemed to notice the inappropriateness. Every male this side of the street in view of my exposed ass definitely noticed, forming a small crowd around us where each of them was chanting “Hog…anus…” in his daze.

The worship was not without its effect on me. My own thoughts subsided as hog anus took control. Hog anus was hungry. Hog anus was pleased to be stuffed so deep by the blue boar. Hog anus looked forward to the offerings each new male had to offer.

With my last remnant of willpower I dragged myself and the other boar hanging from my ass into a nearby alley, drawing the crowd along with us in hopes of limiting exposure.

Bracing myself against the wall of the building, I relaxed my grip on myself and let hog anus take over. The boar at my ass gasped as it gripped his arm, muscles working to pull him in further, and he was more than happy to indulge. Hog anus wanted his arm, hog anus could have it. In his eagerness to please, his other hand fumbled for my hole, easily joining alongside the first.

The further spread of my cheeks only increased my exposure to the crowd, whose chant of “Hog…anus…” escalated in intensity. There were at least a dozen guys there, all in various stages of succumbing to their arousal: some with thick bulges tenting their pants, some scrambling to shuck off their clothes, some already stroking their hard cocks to the lust that hog anus inspired in them.

And still the boar stretched my hole. Hog anus hungered for more. It could swallow him whole, I knew — it wouldn’t be the first time. But the chant of the enthralled made me worry that I didn’t have enough for the whole class, so to speak. One boar in my ass would be an encumbrance, an embarrassment, till he was digested and I’d found a place to dispose of the load; fifteen big men wriggling in my guts would mean — well, I wouldn’t be going home for a while, for one, and I’d be lying immobile in a growing pile of waste till I managed to get on my feet again.

And who knows how many people might try to join them while I was helpless.

Hog anus twitched at the prospect. It didn’t care. And it didn’t want me to care. The boar pulled his arms apart inside me and stuffed his head inside, and that was enough to put me over the edge, the onset of my climax flooding the front of my pants as Hog…anus… was dreamily moaned from inside my body. Hog anus was pleased. I was pleased. The boar burrowed in deeper.

My porcine orgasm overwhelmed my mind, shot after shot of cum splooging out, soaking through my clothes and collecting in a puddle below us. Most people would be impressed by a cumshot like mine, a prodigious half hour of seed spilling from hefty nuts, but in practice that achievement was always overshadowed by the grip my hole held on anyone with the misfortune to catch sight of it.

Forcible pressure at my ass squeezed a deep OINK out of me as the crowd, impatient for their turn with hog anus, took hold of the boar crawling into it and started cramming him further in. He writhed inside me, not with distress, but with a pure ecstasy at being the first to be fed to hog anus — and before I knew it, my hole was closing up around him.

Paws and hands scrambled around my ass as each male tried to shoulder out the next for access to hog anus. The burliest of them, a big gray rhino, managed to win the honor, scooting in close and resting a fat arm-thick cock on my back as he ripped my pants the rest of the way off.

If it were possible, I would have run away. Spared them all. But I was weak from orgasm, heavy with the weight of the other boar in my belly, and exhausted from the stretch of my hole; I could never have made it far.

So I could only remain where I was, leaning against the wall and firing shot after shot of cum on the ground as the crowd stepped back again, pursuing their self-pleasure and chanting the name of hog anus as the rhino hefted his cock off my back and pressed it under my tail.

His augmented shaft slid in with no effort at all — after its last meal, what challenge would a mere penis offer? The boar churned in my stomach as the rhino leaned over me, moaning the mantra of hog anus in my ear as he started slamming in. His thrusting had barely begun before his pleasured grunts were quavering; the eager grip of the object of his fascination was bringing him close, making him ready to offer his seed in sacrifice to hog anus.

The others saw it coming as well. As the big rhino thrust in hard, his cock pulsing in me, the crowd of anus worshippers took hold of him, and even his strength was no help in resisting as they pulled him bodily from my hole and swung him back, like a battering ram, directly into me.

Hog anus! the crowd cheered, as my guts swelled intensely with the stretch of two full-grown guys in my ass. Had more onlookers joined? I looked back to find that indeed the throng of men now extended back into the street; I was a fool to think hog anus could be hidden by a mere alleyway.

Hog anus could never be hidden.

And it stretched open again as another person was crammed into it, the crowd’s impatience with being separated from hog anus manifesting itself in a communal urge to enter, to fill it with themselves, and they were more than happy to help each other reach that goal.

Room enough for everyone, after all.

I was fully helpless at this point, burdened with my new cargo and still climaxing. But my body was only an appendage to hog anus at this point; no one in the crowd gave the rest of me any thought, and I realized for my sanity I should do likewise.

I shut my eyes and focused on hog anus, feeling it press open to accept each new offering and close hungrily around it afterwards. The ecstatic moans of the people writhing in my guts. The intense stretching pressure as my body was forced to accommodate more, more, and still more. The overflowing cum pooling under me, not all of it mine anymore.

I tried keeping count, to start with. But somewhere around the seventies I realized they were loading in more than one at a time, and gave up the endeavor. My mind staggered to think how many tons I must weigh by now — how much of it would remain as fat, how big would I be by the time I was done digesting?

They did start slowing up as darkness fell; I wasn’t sure if it was just less people out in the late evening, or if I had grown enough that my hole could no longer be seen from the street — either was possible at this point, but I figured it was mostly the latter; people had been climbing between my body and the wall to reach hog anus.

The flow of men into my ass slowed till there was only one left. It was of course entirely impossible to see him around the bulk of my body filling the alley, but his voice was there alone, mixed with his laughter and bouncing off the building walls. Hog anus. He climbed my massive, squirming, cummy belly till he was face to face with it and buried his muzzle in deep, giving it all the love his tongue could offer.

I was surprised how sensitive hog anus still was, after all that. As the last stranger dug his way eagerly into my ass, I almost wanted more — clearly I could handle it, and it’s not like the consequences would get substantially worse.

The effort of digestion made me sleepy as the movements inside me stilled. Every man my hole had taken in today was being broken down, turning to waste in my guts, which were starting to be uncomfortably full.

I was going to have to let them out, soon.

Even though I didn’t have any alternative, I still felt wrong about dumping so much waste in public — the mess would be enormous. But it couldn’t stay in. It had to come out.

I mentally braced myself and started pushing out. Where were all the worshippers of hog anus now, when I had to unload in the street? Already done with their service. I sighed, feeling my hole open up for more than the hundredth time today.

And then a voice rang out from the mouth of the alley.

“You there, with the anus!”

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