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7 min readMay 8, 2021

I sat by my otter on the sparsely-populated bleachers, waiting for the game to start.

Mattock’s softball league was just starting the season and even though I was far too sedentary to join him — and Darkwater wouldn’t be able to make most of the practices — we still thought we should catch our mate’s first game.

But it was a hot day, and as a skunk who was fat, shaggy, and diapered, the discomfort of the heat set in quickly. I excused myself and went behind the bleachers to the lot in back where a few concessions stands had been setting up earlier.

Only one of them had opened so far, a snow-cone truck that looked exactly like the kind of refreshment I was looking for, but as I was walking past the row of stalls and trucks, another window opened up behind me and I turned to take a look.

A graying ogre of a bear filled most of the stall, whose sign just said ‘Franks’.

He was huge. Like, I’m fatter than most people I know nowadays, but he had to be literally twice as wide as me and probably at least a head taller too. I couldn’t even imagine how he got in there, unless the whole back wall of the place opened up. His features were monstrous, expressive, and progressively hungrier as I took in the sight of him.

“The menu’s over there,” he said, pointing to his left, and I realized exactly how I’d been staring. “Or do you already know what you want?”

I want your ass to grind me to a paste, I thought, but of course I couldn’t actually say that.

“I want your ass to grind me to a paste, I think,” I said, “but of course I can’t actually say that.”

The bear laughed, a deep sound that made my entire lower body tingle. “Sounds like a good time. Should probably stick to business for now though, kid.”

I was way too old for ‘kid,’ but I figured he could get away with it.

“I’m way too old for ‘kid’,” I said, “but I figure you can get away with it.”

He smirked and looked down at my diaper. “Too old, eh? You sure?”

“Is that disappointment or hopefulness?” I said, without thinking.

The bear spluttered. “Oh, just get in here kid, let’s get you taken care of before the crowds start piling up.” He swung open a door in the side of the stand and I snuck in, to find the place was larger than I expected.

Not, like, ‘bigger on the inside’ big — the place was still small, especially with so much bear in it — but the ground was lower than outside, giving him space to stand up.

I looked him up and down in some awe — the rest of him was even larger than what I’d already seen.

Twelve enormous feet of bear stood in front of me, irresistible.

I looked up at him speechless, and he returned my gaze with some bewilderment.

“Um…what’s on your mind, kid?”

“You smell really, really good.”

He laughed.

I approached him closer. He wasn’t wearing much himself, just something like a loincloth or fundoshi around his waist, which was mostly engulfed by the overhang of his belly. At his height, my headfur brushed against the lowest part of his gut as I stepped between into the space between his legs, where the musk was thickest.

The bulge of his cock through the fabric was nearly as big as my arm, and it was definitely still quite soft. His balls swelled out the bulge, the edges of his scrotum visible to either side of the cloth.

“I’m glad I’m stretchy,” I thought and said.

He laughed again, a little more darkly this time, the bulge thickening as his cock swelled. “You don’t say…might have to give you a bit of a challenge, then. I have a bit of a knack for getting into tight places, myself.”

I reached up to pull the cloth aside, letting his dong flop out, a thick piece of dark flesh framed by graying black fur. A wrinkle of foreskin covered the head, and just by the scent coming out of it I could tell it never saw daylight, even fully hard.

My lips, almost against my will, were drawn to the opening of that foreskin, kissing the warm flesh and slipping my tongue in to taste a cockhead already very slick with pre. I felt it throb as it continued to stiffen, and I tried to take a step back to give the bear room to grow — but I found my lips resist breaking contact, almost as if they had fused to it.

From above me the bear rumbled “Just a taste for you…” before a big paw engulfed the back of my head and forced it directly into his pubes.

It should’ve taken more effort to swallow that monster, but it slid down my throat like I was just an extension of that foreskin, like it belonged there, my jaw fully unhinged and my throat stretched out as a cock half a foot wide and several times as long sheathed itself inside me. Its head ground against my stomach wall a few times before he pulled back out, his cock separating from where it had fused to my muzzle with a pop.

The sudden emptying of my throat left me coughing for a bit as I tried to say ‘oh fuck yes.’

When I’d recovered my breath and was leaning in for more, I was interrupted by a ‘Good morning!’ from above — I’d almost forgotten that the bear was on the clock. I waited, unsure if I should disturb him while he took the order, and stepped aside as he turned to grab a snack box from the wall.

Of course I miscalculated and wasn’t fully out of his way, and got smacked upside the head by his stiff cock as he moved.

And that cock of his stayed where it was, foreskin latched to my ear where it had caught hold.

It took me half a second to realize what had happened. I didn’t know if he had conscious control of it, but whether he did or not, he couldn’t see what he was doing anyway — clearly he wasn’t concerned enough to release me before turning to finish the transaction, dragging my head back along with him.

“Oh fuck,” I thought and said, somewhat muffled as his leg bumped into me. He seemed to take this as encouragement though, and in a moment that big paw was on my head again, and that big cock drove in, heedless.

My vision flashed white and I inhaled sharply as that monstrous cock plunged into my brain and out the other side, easily stretching out both my ears to allow it to skewer my skull.

Looking back, I realize this is absolutely not how things are supposed to work, but at the time all thought was beyond my grasp; I was floating in a weird euphoria, eyes crossed, dick hard, and literally nothing but his cock on my mind.

He pulled back — and I had a moment to regain focus, to realize what was happening — before he slammed in again, scrambling my mind as that musky cock plunged through my gray matter and out again, precum spilling out over my shoulder.

On the third thrust I climaxed immediately, cum flowing into my diaper as freely as piss as my half-buried cock throbbed and pulsed in tune with the giant bear’s cock in my head.

I didn’t even realize the guttural OINK OINK OINK escaping my throat until the big hand cupping my head slid its fingers down to cover my mouth, no doubt to keep me from scaring off the customers.

He used me more roughly then, all the more eager to get off, lighting up my brain with random stimuli every time his flesh dragged across it, leaving me slack-jawed and drooling as I tired to process a kaleidoscope of memories and concepts and qualia. I can’t even get my head in the same space to remember and describe it for you, outside of the very end — when he slammed his cock in lower, not aiming for my other ear, but bottoming out in my skull as he flooded my brainpan with bear cum — I can just remember the way my mind tried to pull back together as he pulled out, something triggering thoughts of red number seven after red number seven before I collapsed to the ground, disengaging from his cock with another small pop.

He didn’t bother to wake me; when I came to, I was staring up at his underside watching him hand another order to another customer. Cum was leaking out my ears and out of my diaper, and my head was still a fog of sex.

“O — Oink…” I said.

The bear looked down at me, leaning on his counter. “Some otter came looking for you, kid. I told him you’d be around in a bit.”

“Ah… I hope he wasn’t upset I got distracted.”

“He told me to make sure you get a second round,” he said, rubbing his loincloth, the front of which was soaked in his musk and doing nothing to hide his arousal. “Wanted to make sure I had you loosened up for later. He was tiny though — you got a bigger boy at home?”

“In a sense,” I said, blushing as I realized. “But he probably wants me to make a bigger mess in my diapers…”

The grin on his face grew even filthier. “Better not disappoint him then, kid. Let’s open up that hole.”

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