Flip 2: Blue Moon Back Room

Luis Walker
11 min readMay 9, 2021

The next day, you’re walking around campus with a satchel slung over your back. You can’t wait to get started.

The satchel is full of copies of your menu — the list of all the ways anyone who wants to interact with you can change you. All they have to do is make their selection, and your body changes. ‘Add arms,’ ‘equine penis,’ ‘brain drain,’ and many other sexy options. You keep a copy in hand, for anyone you might stop to talk to.

You’ve been wandering for a couple hours now and you’re starting to get a little discouraged. You were expecting…well, you’re not really sure what you were expecting, but the hordes of people ignoring you aren’t it. Maybe a bit more open interest at least.

But there aren’t many openly-hypersexual bodies walking the campus; you’re the only one walking around hefting foot-and-a-half-long cocks in the open. (It’s not wrong for you to do this — it’s just a little rare.)

Maybe that’s why everyone else is being so shy. It’s a size thing. If you were tiny like some people, the cloud of pheromones around you would have people jumping to be your love slaves. But you’re huge, and so everyone else is afraid.

Well, not completely.

You’ve just given up on meeting people and started walking down the promenade towards your first class when you notice a guy coming straight towards you. He’s a bit shorter than you, skinny, feline, with dark blue fur.

He stops and holds his ground, staring up at you with open infatuation.

You return his gaze.

“Heeeeey,” he says, “Wanna go to the Blue Moon Tavern and fuck?”

“I thought no one would ever ask!” You offer your back for him to ride on and the pair of you head off to the tavern, his arms wrapped around your thick chest.

“I’m Yuli,” he says, once you’re settled in a secluded booth in the corner.

“I’m Flip,” you say, reaching out to shake his proffered hand.

Yuli’s arm is narrow and bony, his long, red hair tied back in a ponytail. He’s cute, a bit effeminate, and once you’re in the secluded booth, he immediately moves in on you.

“So…what’s with the big dicks?”

“All yours to play with if you like.” You grin and hand him your menu. “Or if you want me to have something different, there’s a list you can choose from.”

Yuli looks through the list, a grin spreading across his face as he reads each option. “I want you to have a horse cock,” he says, before pausing and adding, “…Here it is on the list. How does it work?”

“Just tap it with your finger and it’ll change me,” you say. Your cocks are drooling in anticipation.

“I also want you to be the same height as me when we’re fucking.” He taps his finger on the menu in the corresponding places.

A flash of pleasure runs through you as your body changes accordingly, your cocks changing from their original hybrid type, big knots and ridges melding back into you as the shafts grow longer and more equine, heads flaring and medial rings forming. At the same time you become a little shorter, your head becoming level with Yuli’s.

Yuli grins, and puts his arms around your neck, kissing you on the lips briefly.

You lean in to return the kiss, your tongues meeting. You embrace, moaning slightly as your hindcock extends past your forecock’s balls, both shafts already hard and aching to be released.

“So, do you come here often?” you ask, as Yuli runs a hand over your front thigh.

“Oh sure,” he says, grinning. “I know the owner. She lets me stay in the VIP room for free if I give her some…attention every now and then.” He winks at you.

“Mm.” You kiss him a little deeper, reaching down to stroke the bulge in his pants, which is already sizable. He returns the favor, one hand reaching down to one of your new horse cocks, squeezing it gently.

“Well then,” you say, as he strokes you under the table, his other hand reaching further down to reach your hindcock. “Shall we retire to this VIP room?”

“Oh yes,” he says. “I haven’t gotten off in hours!”

You both laugh as you get up and he leads you to the room.

Yuli strips for you as you stroke yourself, sizing him up and down. He’s pretty thin, but he’s got some muscle on him, and he’s fairly short. Even being shrunk to his height, your cocks are larger than his, both in girth and length.

“Let me see those horse cocks,” he says, dropping to his knees.

You grin, flopping your dick downwards so it slaps him in the face.

“By the way, what sort of fur are you anyway? It’s hard to tell.”

“Uh, I’m a hybrid,” you say. “Mostly boar and fox. I call myself a boxtaur.”

“Oh? I’m a hybrid too!” He grins, turning around to reveal a tufted blue tail. “I’m a liger.”

You laugh, leaning down and rubbing his stomach. “Soft,” you comment.

“Haha I know, right?” His stomach vibrates under you as he purrs.

He leans over your forecock, taking your entire shaft into his mouth till his lips are pressing against the base. You moan in pleasure, running your fingers through his headfur as he begins to suck.

You’re impressed he can take the whole thing at once — a couple of feet of horse cock doesn’t go easily down anyone’s throat, but he takes it like a champ. You can see it stretching out his neck, and how the bulge of your cockhead is visible through his slender belly.

You groan, gently rocking forward as you sink into his throat, kneading his shoulders with your tubby fingers. He grunts in time with your thrusts, his throat contracting around your cock more desperately with each motion.

“Ah! Yeah… Yeah… Take it…”

You plunge in deep, cocks throbbing. You let out a shuddering moan, before you reach down and grab him by the ears, pulling his head off your dick. He looks up at you with a pitiful expression, spit hanging off his chin and dribbling down his chest.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I want to try something.”

You turn him around, pressing him down so he’s bent over the table. He looks over his shoulder at you with a grin, before you plunge your hind cock into him.

“Ah!” he cries, head slamming against the table. You stop thrusting for a moment, but when he doesn’t say stop, you continue.

The liger’s ass is tight around your equine shaft and it feels good to plow him. As you thrust, your paws work your front cock, jerking yourself off with his spit as lube.

“Oh, God… You’re huge…” Yuli groans.

You reach forward, grabbing his shoulders and ramming into him as hard as you can, his stomach bulging as your hind legs make contact with his body, thrusting with your hips. Your balls smack into his butt with a meaty noise.

Your new cocks leak copious pre, and his hole is soon loose and slick enough for you to go faster. Yuli is jerking himself off under you as you focus on your forward cock, sucking on the flaring head easily as its balls rest on the liger’s shoulders.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

He reaches up, and just as you’re about to cum, he grabs your forward cock and pulls it down onto his head. You fire off into the air, thick ropes of white spraying out over the liger’s head.

Your hind cock throbs and pulses in his ass, flooding him with your hyper-sized load. He moans in time with you, finishing himself off. You lean forward, resting your barrel on his back as you pant.

“Oh, shit,” he says after a moment, scrambling out from under you and turning to kiss you on the lips. “That was awesome.”

“You’re a good lay,” you admit, slurping the last spurts of cum from your forward cock and licking your lips.

He blushes. “Where’d that menu go?”

You hand it back to him, interested to see if he has any new ideas for you.

“I’d ask for something else, but I’m not sure if I can take anything bigger,” he says with a wink, and clears his choice, watching your cocks revert to their original shape.

You laugh and settle into his arms as you cuddle.

“Hey, Yuli?” you ask, looking up at him.


“You think you could fuck me? I mean, if you’re up for it, I don’t want to pressure you or anything, but…”

He grins. “Absolutely.”

“Thanks, I was hoping you’d say that.”

You present your hindquarters, flicking your tail aside to show your hungry hole. Yuli leans in, rimming you for a moment before pausing.

“You said you wanted me to fuck you, right?” he asks, a finger rubbing against your hole.


He reaches down, grabbing a monster dildo from a box under the table and slathering it with lube. “Your hole’s pretty big… I have a feeling this’ll give you a lot more pleasure than my meager dick will.”

“If you think so…” you say. He chuckles, gently pushing the head of the dildo inside you as you moan in pleasure.

“How’s that?” he asks.

The stretching is intense; your cocks throb. “Oh fuck yes.”

He chuckles as he starts fucking you with it, cramming the monster in deep and pulling it back with firm strokes. “Mm, you’re filthy back here, Flip.”

You groan, resting your head against the wall as you push your ass back to meet his thrusts. The stink of your shit spilling out over the dildo fills the room.

Your cocks grind across the table, leaking precum onto the lacquer as you gasp.

“Fuck, fuck fuck,” you groan.

Yuli grunts, his hand on your hip as he thrusts the toy forward. He slams it into you, the dildo going in as deep as physically possible, the base of the toy smacking against your cheeks. You howl, the sound turning into a long, low moan as you shoot your load onto the table.

“Fuck… I’m cumming!”

Yuli grunts, holding the toy rammed deep into you. You wail, your ass tightening around the toy and splattering it with loose scat as it tries to push out. The warmth of the mess runs down your ass, pooling around the toy and dripping off the sides. Your asshole pulses around it as more shit dribbles out, smearing the dildo with a layer of shit that smells terrible.

“Fuck…” you moan.

Yuli slaps your ass with his free hand, the sound filling the room. “Still want me to fuck you?”

“Like I’d stop you.”

He chuckles, slowly pulling the toy out of you. The shit lets it slide easily from your asshole, clinging to the dildo before it slides off with a plop into the growing pool of cum beneath the table.

“Roll over.”

You turn over, lying on your back as you look up at Yuli. He grins, tossing the toy aside and leaning down to kiss your lower belly as his hands rest on your hips. He moves his face down, slowly French kissing your cum-filled navel as he moves towards your crotch.

“You know what I’m going to do,” he says, licking his lips.

He takes your hindcock into his mouth, slurping on the cum still gushing from it for a moment before releasing it with a wet pop. He runs his tongue along your shaft’s ridges, running it along the underside as he gently noms your balls. He takes them both into his mouth, sucking on them gently as he rubs his hands up your thighs.

He lets them pop out of his mouth, softly kissing the skin just north of your pelvis. “You ready?”

You rumble happily. “Mm, fuck yes.”

He leans down, gently pressing his lips against your filthy asshole. He keeps them pressed against your hole, hot and heavy, as he begins to push his tongue inside you. You gasp, feeling it slide deeper and deeper up your ass as he starts to wriggle it around slightly, exploring your insides, tasting your mess.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” you say, softly rubbing your forepaw through his hair.

He removes his tongue, licking his lips as he stares at your asshole. He leans down, pressing his lips against you as he gives you a soft kiss right where your ass meets your groin. Then he moves forward, giving your taint a kiss, then further up your stomach, then onto your chest…till finally he’s leaning over you, soaked in cum and shit, kissing you on the lips. You press back against his lips as your tongues wrestle in your mouth, tasting your filth on him.

He moves back again, rubbing the tip of his dick against your ass. The head pops in and you take a deep breath as your asshole slowly spreads to accept his girth. He pushes forward, gently sliding deeper and deeper into you as he starts to grind his hips, rubbing his cock into you.

He’s nowhere near as big as the dildo was and you’re incredibly relaxed now, the muscles in your ass warm and loose. He pulls out and pushes forward again, the tip of his dick popping into you easily as his hips touch yours. You let out a low moan, wrapping your arms around your front cock like a pillow and sucking down your cum.

He gently leans forward, propping himself up on your belly as he stares up into your eyes. He softly kisses you your balls as he starts to rock his hips back and forth, gently sliding his cock in and out of your ass, each thrust lubed only by your own shit.

He starts to thrust a little harder, his cock sliding in and out as he fucks you missionary style. His lips move up to one of your lower nipples as he suckles on it softly. He thrusts a few more times, before he suddenly pulls out. You let out a low moan of disappointment as he flips you over onto your belly. You raise your ass into the air as you look back at him, smacking your ass cheek a couple times and pushing out a little more shit to tease him.

He leans forward, gently running his hands along your back as he kisses up your spine. He moves up to your neck, then finally to your ear, where he bites down on it gently. His hand slides up to your mouth, two fingers sliding in past your lips, gently brushing against your teeth.

You can taste yourself on him. “You love my scat, don’t you?”

“I…I do,” he moans, his voice strained with pleasure as he withdraws from your ass.

“What do you want to do, Yuli?”

“Fuck you with your own shit,” he says softly, reaching for your menu and finding a custom option.

You feel a strange tension in your bowels and flag your tail, pushing out a long, solid turd for him — much firmer than any ordinary shit should be. You smirk as you feel him grab it, sliding it back into your asshole, before he starts to gently fuck you with your own shit.

You take a deep breath, trying to focus on the feeling in your ass as he fucks you slowly and gently. You gently rock your hips back into him, gently moving along with his thrusts. The smell of shit starts to grow stronger as you start to adjust to the feeling.

“Harder,” you moan softly, “fuck me harder.”

He grabs you by the hips, pulling you into him as he starts to fuck you faster with the turd. The shit is mostly staying together, which is a massive improvement on the last time you tried something like this. He leans forward, pressing his lips against your rump.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” he pants.

You grunt as he crams his dick into you alongside the turd and feel it start to throb, shooting his warm seed deep in your bowels. He slowly pulls out of you before dropping down onto the couch. You lean over and gently take his soft dick into your mouth, sucking it clean. You can taste the mixture of his seed with your shit as it slides down your throat.

“That was…” he says, panting, “I don’t know what to say about that.”

“It was a good time,” you grin. “We’ll have to meet up again. Right now though…I’m late for class!”

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