Flip 1: Jacob

You are Flip, a boxtaur (a boar-fox hybrid taur), and you’re just getting your stuff unpacked in your new dorm suite. It’s your first day on campus and you’re looking forward to getting to know everyone. You’re taking a break now, sprawled out on the couch with your dicks out, when your new roommate Jacob comes into the living room. He’s got his head down studying something, but he looks up as soon as he sees you.

“Flip?” he asks, walking over to you and sitting beside you on the couch.

“Yeah buddy? What’s up?” You flex your lower cock, which must be as big as his arm. It’s leaking precum over your soft bellyfur.

Jacob sighs. “I’m trying to study for a test.”

“A test? On the first day of the semester?” Your hind paw brushes against his empty crotch, and you grin over at him. “Sounds like a rough class. I’m here if you ever need to, you know, clear your head or anything.”

You’ve known Jacob Fox since middle school, when you were put in a class together. It was there that you found out that you had a lot in common, and became fast friends. He’s not your usual type; he’s kind of skinny, and lacking in the genitals department.

You, on the other hand, are very round, both your bellies showing off a life of indulgence, and your cocks are each a foot long at least — more when you get worked up. Jacob will play with them sometimes, just to feel what dicks are like, and you generally don’t mind.

“I’ve got this ethics test, see,” he explains, “and I don’t know what to write for it.”

You nod. “Well, what are the questions?”

He holds up his paper and you read over it. The first few are simple. ‘Should individuals sacrifice for the good of society?’

“Oh, that’s easy,” you say. “Especially if he means, like, our actual societies. Which for most of us is a lot smaller than we think.” You try not to drip precum on the paper, but you can’t help it. You’re going to need to get yourself off soon.

The next question is a little harder. ‘Should a person with a terminal illness be forced to live?’

“That’s a harsh way to put it… But I’d say no, at least depending on the illness,” you say, thinking of your own grandfather, “And, like, how bad it is.”

The last question catches you off guard.

‘Would you sleep with your ethics professor to get an A?’

You pause, thinking about the portly elephant you met when you toured the campus over the summer. You don’t know about Jacob, but you’d definitely be into him.

“I mean, I’d do him for free,” you say honestly. “But you’d probably say he’s kind of gross.”

Jacob sighs and rolls his eyes at you. You know that look, that ‘Flip-can’t-think-about-anything-but-sex’ look.

“Well?” he asks, more demand than question.

“I mean, you know I love gross. I’d bury my snout in that sweaty rump of his any day. But, uh, yeah, the test. I’d be more worried it was a trap than anything else. I mean, an ethics professor offers to sleep with you for your grade? Sounds like an obvious setup.”

He sighs again. “He’s a dirty old phant. He’s not a cop. I don’t think anything would happen.”

You stare at him.

“And you know this from experience, do you?” you ask.

He looks away. “No, not exactly. I just mean, the guy’s a creep. He’d sleep with anyone.”

You chuckle. “Oh, so I’m a creep too? Is that what you’re saying?”

He snorts and swats at your lower cock playfully. “It’s exactly what I’m saying. He’s a big horny monster like you.”

You grin. “Sounds good.”

“Well,” he says, and bites his lip nervously, “I’m horny now. How about you?”

You laugh, flexing your hard cocks at him. “A little obvious, isn’t it?”

“Not in the slightest.”

You grind your rump against the silly fox invitingly. “Think you could fit an arm up there today? Or what’re you in the mood for?”

“A handjob?”

You laugh. “Come on, we both know what you’re into here.”

He smiles a bit. “Yeah, I suppose so.” He slides down the couch until his head is in perfect sucking height.

“Well?” he asks, staring at your hind groin.

You stare back. “You’re going to have to do all the work. I can’t bend that far.”

“Pity,” he says, and licks his lips. Then he takes your hind cock in his hand, and starts sucking on it gently.

You rumble happily and start stroking on your fore cock, bending down to suckle on the head of it. With a mouth around each of your cockheads, it isn’t long before your arousal escalates and your cocks start growing even bigger.

You reach a forepaw down to stroke his upper back and roll your hips into his mouth, closing your eyes and enjoying the blowjob. He doesn’t mind doing this every now and again, which you’re especially glad of since he’s pretty good at it. You don’t often cum from a blowjob alone — you’re far more a masturbator — but he’s gotten you there a few times.

After a few minutes of sucking, you pull him off. “Hold off,” you say, “I’m getting close.”

He nods and stands up. You shift forward and roll over on your back, sticking your hind legs up. He knows what to do.

You grind your hind cock against your underbelly as Jacob lines up behind your rump, pressing your own fox tail out of the way to access your hole. You suckle greedily on your front cock as your body tenses up with eagerness to release.

Jacob starts thrusting in and out of your ass, fucking you nice and hard with his balled fist. He puts his other hand around as much of your hind cock as he can reach and starts stroking in time with his thrusts, ready to milk you of your load. You run your paw down your front sheath and start stroking your front cock in time with him, speeding yourself up.

Jacob is an expert at this, and he’s got a lot of experience behind him. You didn’t become fuck buddies for nothing.

He’s also quite a bit thinner than you, and as such can get his arms in deeper to use his whole strength to stretch you out more, and that’s exactly what he does. By the time you’ve gotten to the point of climax, your ass feels like it’s wide enough to birth a child.

You let out a deep grunting OINK as your front cock starts blasting into your muzzle, your hind cock spraying into the air shortly afterwards as your roommate works your ass. Your spurts end up covering a good portion of the room, you being half boar and all, but at least your other load is contained in your mouth, and you swallow it down greedily.

As you come down from climax, Jacob slowly pulls out of your ass and sits back on the couch. “Well,” he says, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you let a load go so early. You okay?”

You pant and wheeze for a bit, before nodding.

“Just a bit pent up I guess. Spent most of the day packing and moving, not getting my usual gooning session in, you know?”

“Ah, I see. Well, it’s not my business, but you might want to think about finding yourself more steady fuckbuddies while you’re out here. Lots more opportunities out here, and as much as I like our time together, I’m not exactly the most…well, you know.”

You pull him close and give his face a friendly lick. “C’mon, cutie. You know you don’t need a dick to make me happy.” You indicate the stripes of cum covering every surface in the room as evidence. “And I know you’re a little skinny, but I don’t mind that much.”

You think about what he’s said a minute longer, and add, “But you’re right though. I really wanna get out and fuck a lot of guys while I’m here.”

He helps you clean up the room a bit and pack away your sex toys before you finally get some sleep.

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I write kinky erotica involving fat gay furries. I might have some opinions too. Writing Twitter: https://twitter.com/muskwriter

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Luis Walker

Luis Walker

I write kinky erotica involving fat gay furries. I might have some opinions too. Writing Twitter: https://twitter.com/muskwriter

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