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I’d barely come home from work before my bear was trying to foist the new diapers on me.

“Strip. Pad. Now.”

I ignored the orders, put down my briefcase and gave him a kiss. “I love you too,” I said. “Shall we head to the bedroom then?”

“Only if you strip as you go. I want you in these ASAP, cubby.”

Rich was not usually so enthusiastic about diapers; I wondered what he had in mind he was so excited about. By the time I reached the end of the hall, he was halfway through pulling my pants down; we stumbled onto the bed together, his face planted in my porcine ass.

“Diaper!” he said, nomfing playfully at my cheeks before swatting at my rump with the padding. “C’mon, you’re gonna love these.”

“Okay, okay, I give up! Here, let me get on my back.”

I rolled over and lifted up my legs, giving my bear access to pad me up.

He slid the diaper under my butt and taped it up with practiced ease.

“What, no stuffers? No cage? No powder even?”

“Very specifically none of those! You need direct contact with diaperfluff and plenty of penis room.” He chuckled and buried his snout in my diaperfront, the attention making me stiffen even given how silly he was being. “And then the final ingredient!” he said, “baby wet time!”

I gasped as my body reacted to the hypno trigger, filling my brain with cubby feeling and making me lose control of my bladder. The piss flowing through my hard cock had the diaper soaked in moments while I whimpered for ‘daddy’.

He held his paw on my diaperfront, feeling it grow warm with fresh piss. His eyes shone from how much I had to give, the diaper swelling fuller and rounder and heavier between my legs.


“Mm, look at that diaper bulge grow…”

I looked down to see the swelling plastic. It reminded me of those oversized novelty diapers that are designed just to be big on you. I was surprised as my stream of piss kept going, minute after minute, my bear fawning over me till it finally tapered off.

“Daddy Rich’s boy is so big… Imagine if this was all you, piglet. Just a thin layer of padding over…” He laid a paw on the front of my diaper and I gasped, feeling his touch much sooner than I expected. He continued in a whisper: “…over such a big boy’s toy…”

My new massive cock was heavy between my legs, almost as heavy as the piss-soaked diaper had been. I couldn’t help but give it a couple of experimental flexes — even soft, it gave the padding substantial movement.

“Luckily that thin diaper is super absorbent for baby wet time…” he said.

I covered my face, blushing as the flow began anew — harder and faster now that I had a bigger hose. The piss sloshed around inside the diaper, soaking my undersides before the padding could absorb it all. I hoped I wasn’t leaking. “Daddy…!” I protested.

But Rich’s focus was only on the diaper, watching it swell even further with my piss — it was full-on the size of a beach ball by now, and so heavy I could barely move under it. “Look at that bulge!” he repeated. “So proud of my big big piglet.”

He spread his arms around the mound of diaper and hugged it to him, but again it was me in his embrace, the monstrous growth of cock only barely contained by such a thin diaper. I couldn’t help but be turned on by how big it must be now — surely as big as my torso at least.

Rich saw me reaching for it and let go of me to come lie by my side. “No, baby doesn’t get to play yet… Not till it’s time to change you… One more round of baby wet time should do it…”

Whimpered oinks as my cock unloaded once more, an audible gush of piss soaking the diaper beyond capacity and spilling out over my legs and the bed. My bear seemed unconcerned, only rubbing my belly and watching as the diaper grew, the bulge of padding encroaching on my knees. The bulk of it was heavy on my legs, sloshy at first but slowly firming up as the diaper’s magic took hold, piss and padding becoming penis.

“That’s my baby,” Rich said, kissing my nose and moving back down to play with his new toy. “Look at this big fat diaper cock.”

He lifted it in his arms and I yelped with alarm at a new sensation: this wasn’t just a diaper full of my cock.

Somehow the diaper was my cock.

My bear hugged my swelling shaft as it rose higher and higher — already almost as big as he was — the bristle of his fur rubbing against its new plastic skin.

“D-Daddy…!” I whimpered, a powerful fear in the peak of my stomach making me feel even more cubby. Transformations could be dangerous. My Daddy had changed me, my Daddy was in control, and I didn’t know what was going to happen. How could I go back to work like this?

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he said, face pressed into the white plastic column of dick, snoofing deep the scent of my padding. My padding. “It should wear off when you sleep.”

I looked up at the massive phallus, which was somehow becoming both more diaperlike and more penislike at the same time. Not anything like my old penis — I never had such a broad mushroom head, nor such prominent veins — and not anything like the old diaper, either. The original had been a simple, classic white, while my new cock was developing a multicolored pattern of bear pawprints, each about the size of Rich’s big paws. The aforementioned veins bulged out further as I watched them, a line of bright blue tapes appearing up their lengths.

And the whole thing was heavy with piss, the bright colors dingy where the sodden padding was pressed against them.

My brain was having trouble parsing out the signals it was receiving. I felt like I was having a rock-hard boner, but that feeling didn’t align with how easily Rich could squeeze its bulk against his chest, pulling it down from its upright position to lay it between us in the bed, like a body pillow extending at least a foot or two past our heads.

I pressed a hand into the monstrous shaft. It was definitely my fully aroused penis. And a squidgy wet diaper. And there was nothing I could do about it. I pressed my face in deep, greedily inhaling the sweet scent of padding mixed with piss.

My bear did likewise on the other side of me, the both of us embracing my diapercock between us. His stiffness ground against the base of it, and I slid as much of it as I could against his body, feeling the pleasure of a dick nearly as big as I was and wondering how it worked. Could I cum from it? Or was it just a big toy now for Rich’s enjoyment?

If he knew, he wasn’t telling. We just lay there, both enjoying the feel of my new equipment, getting more and more worked up till finally Rich sat up and gave me a look that made my whole body tingle.

“I have got to use you,” he said, rolling me onto my back. “I’ve been holding it in all day.”

“What? Rich, how — ”

“Baby talk time. You hush now, sweetheart.”

My protests dissolved into incoherent babbling as the trigger took effect, leaving me unable to form words and making it difficult to think any kind of grown-up thoughts — except a safeword, if needed.

But even though I was…scared at the changes my body was going through…I wanted Daddy play with me! Fun!

And then he reached down to the base of my cock and pulled at a couple of tapes.

I gasped and covered my face as a part of my body unfurled that had definitely never done that before.

My ballsack, which I’d lost sight of now that my giant diapercock was in the way, had apparently undergone some changes of its own — Daddy’s paws were stroking its outline, and through the fuzziness of baby talk time I was able to make out that it had taken on the shape of a diaper itself, and he’d just opened it up.

And then he straddled me and my giant diapercock, taping up my ballsack as a diaper around his own rump. I shivered at the new sensations. His soft fur against my inner fluff. His hard cock poking in, but softening now as he focused on…

A deep electric pleasure flooded the base of my cock as Daddy unloaded his bladder, my crotch padding soaking it up with what I could only describe as a thirst.

My body drank him in, and I tasted him with whole new senses, a bright fresh piss that was satiating even as I wanted more.

“Daddy fill me!”

“Don’t you worry, cubby. Daddy’s got plenty for you. Just you sit tight.” He rubbed my shaft encouragingly, sending even more tingles through my body — if I hadn’t been weighted down by my husbear and my giant cock, I would be writhing right now.

Still, I was panting hard, overwhelmed by the piss filling me, keenly aware that despite Daddy’s assurance, his stream was indeed easing off. “Daddy!! More!!” my baby-talk voice whined.

He only chuckled, hugging the base of my cock as he reseated himself in my diaper scrotum. I felt him grind his rump against my padding, an entirely different set of feelings opening up as his hole made contact with it.

“Here it comes, cubby…”

He must indeed have been storing it all up; a load of scat came out all in a rush, filling the base of my scrotum and making it heavy and wet.

Any doubt as to whether I could climax with my diaper cock was gone: if anything could have pushed me over the edge, that would have. I lay beneath my Daddy, mind blanked out from the pleasure of being used, but my cock only stood up at its fullest strength in his arms.

His bowel movement went on, and all I could do was savor it as what used to be my balls grew fuller and fuller with his waste; I might’ve thought I was close to leaking, but something told me the diaper magic was more capable than that.

He resumed humping at my massive shaft even before he was done unloading his bowels, his long slender shaft squelching into wetness as his ass ground firmly into the mess he was leaving behind.

“I’m Daddy’s wet messy diaper!” I said, and he tightened his grip on my diapercock even harder, the plasticky squishing sounds driving him on to hump me more desperately.

“That’s right you are,” he said, panting hard. “Daddy’s gonna fill you up with wet and mess and stickies…” He slammed into the soft padding at the base of my cock several times, clearly getting close. “And you’re gonna…be my good cub and…have baby wet time.”

His seed shooting into my diapersac was nothing compared to the release from my cock, a rush of piss gushing from it with all the intensity of climax. I soaked the wall and ceiling above the bed, the sweet scent of diaper piss filling the air as it rained down around us.

I was lost in afterglow for a bit until Rich sat up to extricate himself from my diapersac, rolling it into a ball and taping it back up. He cuddled up lying alongside me, paw at my crotch and stroking as much of me as he could reach; I tried not to think about how messy cleanup was going to be.

“Enjoyed that, piglet?”

“Yes, Daddy…”

“Good to hear, I knew you would. Looking forward to doing this again tomorrow?”


His paw traced lightly through the thin fur on my chest. “Oh yes. Daddy bought you a pack of fifty, after all.”




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