The way some of us are built just begs society to beat up on us — or at least, makes us feel like it could happen. If you’ve ever had to do any public speaking, you might have an idea what I mean: it’s hard to be so visible without fear.

Now. Imagine you’re a hyperendowed lizard who’s had to carry his balls around in a modified wheelbarrow since puberty.

Now imagine you need to keep your dickhead wrapped in diapers because if a dick as big as yours struggles to hold itself up, it won’t be easy for it to hold back piss.

Yeah. I’ve felt visible, and frankly pretty ridiculous, all through my school years.

I’m just starting my sophomore year here at KCU.

My freshman year had been at the other college, but I’d been too much of a ‘disturbance’ for double-C KCCU, even covering my junk with a tarp every day. Prudes. Single-C wasn’t that bad for a public school, at least academically, but I didn’t know how I’d be received here.

Confidence is important. I’d been practicing. Someone wants to make a comment about my junk? I’ll remain smug in the knowledge that with one good swing I could knock them out with it.

Not that I ever would, of course. It’s like imagining your audience naked when you need to speak in public: you don’t demand they be naked, you just let the thought make you feel less awkward than you imagine they must be.

The most important test of my confidence would be how I got on with my roommate. If we got off on a bad start, my whole year would be ruined.

It didn’t go as I expected.

On move-in day I got all my stuff situated, setting up my half of the room, only to find no one else show up.

The next afternoon I wheeled myself down to the dean’s office and asked what was up.

“We figured you’d need the room to yourself.”

“I don’t want special treatment, sir.”

“It’s not for your benefit, son. It’s to protect the university from liability.”


“You’re not the first well-endowed young man to attend KCU, son. We’ve learned the hard way that people may sexually harass you and accuse you of sexually harassing them; and if you are nearly as potent as your size suggests, any of your partners will be prone to injury, with likely damage to campus property as well.”

“Isn’t that more a list of reasons I shouldn’t bring people back to my room? Nobody said anything about that.”

The badger averted his eyes. “There…should have been an insert in your move-in packet.”

I wished it were possible to storm out in a dignified way, but it’s just not a thing you can do when you’re pushing a wheelbarrow.

As I was wheeling myself out, I nearly ran into a panda standing just behind the door.

“Wow,” he said. “Your problem’s almost as big as mine.”

I scowled. He was a short, fat fluffball — not a damn thing different about him than any other panda. “Ex_cuse_ me?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear that they were doing the same thing to you as they did to me.”

The dean came out. “Young men, I suggest you disperse from here.”

Myself and the panda — Evan — headed down towards the bookshop to spend the small fortune’s worth of textbooks that would be required for the quarter.

Evan griped about the dean. “At least he let you speak your mind. I didn’t even get to talk to him.”

I sighed again, wondering why the panda thought he had troubles anywhere near the level of mine.

He turned bright red when I asked. “Um… I was hoping to keep it kind of quiet, actually… It’s hard enough to look normal without people thinking about exactly what kind of freak I’m hiding.”

I set my wheelbarrow down, indicating my dick with all the exasperation I could muster.

He reddened further. “I know what you mean, really I do, but some of us who do have the privilege of being closeted would really prefer to be.”

I was going to answer back, but he stopped me. “I know, I know, I know, I’m sorry. Um. How about I take you back to my place and I can just show you? Screw books, and screw the dean’s rules.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived at his place, another half-empty dorm room on the same floor as mine.

“It isn’t just to show you that I brought you back here,” he said. “It starts to hurt after a little while and I have to let it out. Um. You can help if you like, but most folks think it’s a bit gross.”

“In for a penny, in for a pound,” I said, nevertheless apprehensive. “What do you need?”

He let his pants drop, and turned his rump in my direction. “Pull out that plug for me, would you?”

The ‘plug’ had a diameter the length of my forearm, presenting as a shiny black circle embedded in the panda’s ass. “A hyper hole? Evan, that’s not even all that weird.”

He sighed. “Just pull it out, please.”

I slid my fingers in around the warm and squishy donut of flesh that surrounded the plug and carefully pulled it free of his ass.

And his ass spilled out after it, like an avalanche — no, it wasn’t a mountain of shit or anything, but something that sent a freaked-out tingle to the base of my own ass: the meat of his intestines was pushing out across the floor.

Evan was looking at me as if he thought I’d run away.

Fortunately for him, I had entirely the opposite reaction — not that I’d acquired the ability to storm out of a room anytime in the past hour or anything anyway.

My dick surged forward a few inches, lifting itself out of the wheelbarrow somewhat as I imagined what it must feel like. The smell of it was indescribable. “Um,” I said. “Mind if I explore it?”

The panda’s prolapse was a warm, soft tube that put me in mind of a fleshlight custom-built for me.

I heaved my length out of the wheelbarrow and let it sprawl out along the floor of the room aside his own extra flesh. “You know,” I said, “I never thought I’d find someone smaller than a giant who’d actually have a way to take my dick.”

Evan gave me a weird look.

“I mean,” I said, blushing. “If we decide to — ”

He interrupted, pointing at the head of my cock, which was leaking piss over the floor; I felt the warmth of the puddle. “Fuck. Diaper must’ve fallen off.”

“Better get it in quick, then.”

I was going to ask ‘really?’ but the flow of piss was actually pretty strong at this point and stopping for reassurance would make me responsible for more property damage than I already was, in a place I already wasn’t supposed to be.

I grabbed the head of my cock off the ground in one hand and the end of the panda’s exposed intestine in the other and joined them together like plugging in an extension cord.

Evan shivered as I started to fill him with warmth. “That feels…”

“It feels good, is what it does…” I slid more of his gutmeat on my shaft, like pulling on a sock. My dick was firming up, and I wondered whether this was what condoms were like for ordinary folks. “Rrf… I don’t know if there’s room for me to get hard in here though…”

The panda got up and opened the window. “Point it out there,” he said.

“Won’t people see it?”

“Maybe, but it’s not like there’s any way they’d understand what they were seeing.”

I laughed and held Evan’s prolapse in place, letting my stiffening cock fill out foot after foot wrapped inside it — it looked like one of those long circus animal balloons being inflated, if the balloon were to be made out of bright red meat.

Its weight rested on the windowsill and the panda shivered somewhat as his innards were exposed to the autumn breeze.

He took my arm and carefully led me to the bed, straddling my length to lean in and kiss me — an intimacy I’d never thought I’d have with a lover I was technically balls deep in.

As he leaned over me I could feel his prolapse tugging at my shaft — looking over his shoulder I realized he was at least twice as hyperendowed as I was — my cock filled half that tube of meat, and from my tip the remainder folded back on itself and led back under his tailnub. I imagined it inflating with the piss and precum I was filling him with.

And yet even that amazing sensation paled next to just being in the panda’s arms. Our kisses were unpracticed, certainly, but the connection with him was stronger than every inch of the pleasure seventeen feet of cock could give — and enhanced it more than I’d ever felt getting off alone.

He ground his rump against as much of the base of my shaft as he could cover. I stroked his own modest member as I kissed him, and was rewarded with the feel of him throbbing along the whole length of the cock he covered.

The stimulation of so much of my length that I could never reach myself while hard — and all at once — put me over the edge. My dick throbbed in his prolapsed intestine as I shot my load into him — and this time I could see the tube of flesh inflate as it filled.

Evan was moaning as I flooded him, humping my hand while his kisses became more desperate. As the swell of his prolapse showed that my cum must be starting to fill his body directly, he yelped out and started blasting his own seed across my stomach.

I let go of his cock and let him lean in on me, my arms wrapping around him. “I’m gonna want more of this,” he said, grinning. He’d pressed his nose against mine, ready to kiss me again, when a knock at the door interrupted us.

“Who the fuck…?”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t have any friends here yet,” he said.

The knock became a pound, hitting harder, and the voice of the dean joined in: “Young man, why are you hanging your posterior out the window?

“Well, we’re boned,” I said, hearing the tinkle of skeleton keys as he pulled them out and stuck them in the lock. There wouldn’t have been time to put our genitals away, even if we’d been prepared.

“Nah,” he said, taking my hand in his paw. “We’re facing this together.”

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